Netflix Is Rocking Out With These Top 6 Inspired Music Movies


There are literally thousands of movies, television shows, and documentaries on Netflix, but some are clearly better than others. Below, we’ve created our list of the top rock-inspired movies on Netflix right now.

Some of our favorites include a Foo Fighters documentary, Glenn Campbell’s Farewell Tour, a conversation with Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page,

Foo Fighters Make It To Netflix

“There were some people that really resented me for starting this band,” said Dave Grohl. “But I didn’t want to always be known as this guy that played drums for Nirvana. Essentially, this is why Grohl played every instrument and literally created a band alone in a studio.

In Foo Fighters: Back and Fourth, fans can finally learn the truth about the origin of the Foo Fighters. The documentary highlights their story, their music, and everything in between that made the Foo Fighters rock.

After playing to 85,000 people, they decided to make a record in a garage. They make as many serious songs as they make funny songs. The “back and fourth” made the Foo Fighters one of the greatest bands of all time.

Begin Again, Now On Netflix

Most of the rock-inspired movies on Netflix are documentaries, but Begin Again is a movie that everyone should see. The film stars Mark Ruffalo, Mos Def, Keira Knightly, and Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine.

The story revolves around an ex-record executive, a rising star, and a rock and roll girlfriend who gets dumped at the wrong time. But she decides to make the most of it and the perfect person sees her perform.

The movie might sound (or look) a little mushy but it really shows the ins and outs of the rock life. It also comes from the director of Once, which put musicians into acting roles, versus the other way around.

Glen Campbell, The Rhinestone Cowboy

Back in 2011, music icon Glen Campbell set out to do an unprecedented tour across America. Originally, the tour was supposed to last about five weeks, but it actually lasted for 151 shows over a years and a half.

Campbell influenced newcomers like Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, and everyone in between as he won 8 Grammy Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award. This comes from a massive fandom and 50 million records sold.

But this movie is something new all-together. In the film, Campbell, is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. While sitting next to his second wife, he is forced to ask who’s who in some old home movies.

Many people thought Campbell was done but he decided he wasn’t done yet. In one of the more epic final tours, there was something with the audience that made him know his role, his songs, and what made him the Rhinestone Cowboy. This was recorded and brought to Netflix in the film, Glenn Campbell: I’ll Be Me.

Keith Richards: Under The Influence

“I know who I am,” said Keith Richards. Under the Influence could be the title for many documentaries but perhaps the best association is Richards. The Rolling Stones rock star gives unparalleled access to fans in this Netflix hit.

“The Stones had me go into hibernation,” said the rocker. “I was itching to go back in the studio.” Surprisingly, Richards appreciates Johnny Cash and Muddy Waters even more than he appreciates other rock stars.

“Not a lot of guys want to play like Chuck Berry because it’s like taking on the devil. But I’ll take it on,” he joked. Basically, this documentary is more like Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, but with musical icon Keith Richards. “Nobody wants to get old, but they don’t want to die young either,” he mused.

Janis: Little Girl Blue On Netflix

“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedez Benz?” moaned Janis Joplin. Despite the fact that she doesn’t need a last name, the film Janis: Little Girl Blue highlights how the young woman created a spot for females to rock.

“Janis was fearless with her pain and with her truth,” said one contributor. The film has been described as mind blowing, powerful, and jaw dropping. “As it gets closer and more probably, being a star is really losing it’s meaning. But whatever it means, I’m ready,” said Janis.

It Might Get Loud, Feat. Jack White, The Edge, Jimmy Page

Finally, there’s It Might Get Loud on Netflix. By far, this is one of the best documentaries ever made on music. First of all, it’s not a recollection, it’s something new and fresh.

The movie starts out with White Stripes legend Jack White building a guitar out of an old Coke bottle, a string, and a nail. In the middle of a cow pasture, the star plugs in his creation to an amp and rocks out among the livestock.

On the other end of the spectrum, The Edge from U2 said, “I drive everyone crazy trying to get the sounds that I can hear in my head to come out of the speakers.” In the movie, The Edge has the best equipment while Jack White will literally step on his guitar and play until his hands bleed. Then, there’s Jimmy Page.

“We’re going there to have a chat, but it just so happens that the instruments are there as well,” said a thrilled Jimmy Page. The man who got his start with The Yardbirds and then become an icon with Led Zeppelin is always ready to perform.

“I plan to trick both of these guys into teaching me all of their tricks,” joked Jack White. “When the three of us get together—what’s going to happen? Probably a fistfight.”

In the movie, Page shows the camera where “When the Levee Breaks” was recorded. Jack White talks about why he prefers his performances to be a struggle. Then, The Edge shows off all of his technology, foot petals, and the effects.

If that’s not enough, the soundtrack and documentary also features original music from Jimmy Page, the making of a U2 single, and new music from Jack White.

Have you seen all of these rock inspired movies on Netflix?

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