The Conspiracy Theory Of The Beatles Going Undercover To Form This Prog-Rock Band


Ever hear of Klaatu? Probably not. And The Beatles, apparently, preferred it that way.

The Beatles
Did The Beatles go undercover as a progressive-rock band in the 70’s?

In 1966, a critic writing for Providence Journal claimed The Beatles went undercover to form a progressive rock band under a different name.

It all started in 1966 when The Beatles supposedly recorded a follow-up record to Revolver. But as the theory goes, that record never came out because the tapes were lost.

Then in 1975 is when Klaatu enters this story.

The Beatles
Klaatu’s album cover

This Canadian prog-rock band formed in 1973, and they did sound a lot like The Beatles. Then two years later, The Fab Four’s lost tapes were discovered. So they decided to release the new found record under the pseudonym Klaatu as a tribute to the “late” Paul McCartney (see the “Paul Is Dead” Conspiracy Theory“).

All of this started with the Providence Journal writer. What made him come to these conclusions?

First, the album credits listed no band members, and therefore, no songwriting credits. There were no production credits. The record had no photos of the band.

Also, the name Klaatu comes from the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still, in which an alien named Klaatu commands his robot Gort to stop hurting people. And on Ringo Starr’s Goodnight Vienna album, we can see Starr exiting the spaceship from that film and standing next to the robot Gort.

There are a ton more reasons that conspiracy theorists use to say Klaatu was actually The Beatles.

However, by Klaatu’s third album, the band members’ had revealed their identities. For the most part, people have lost interest in this conspiracy theory because, well, it’s so obviously false.

But it is definitely true that they sound very similar to The Beatles– in their songwriting, melodies, production, and even voices.

You can take a listen below to a medley of their tops songs.

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