John Lennon’s True Murderers: Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and Stephen King?


On December 8, 1980, the rock world mourned the loss of The Beatles’ John Lennon. Although Mark David Chapman is serving the jail sentence, was he the actual brains behind the murder?

John Lennon murder
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Earlier that day, John Lennon had actually autographed Chapman’s copy of Double Fantasy, Lennon and Yoko Ono’s album. Chapman, thinking he would acquire Lennon’s fame by killing him, pulled out a pistol and fired five shots.

It’s clear he was the one who did the deed, but were there other people behind this murder? Did someone put Chapman up to it?

Conspiracy theorists, namely the man behind, claims it was not just Chapman who planned to do away with Lennon. No, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and Stephen King were all in on it too.

That conspiracy theorist, Steve Lightfoot, cites “government codes,” King’s writings, including letters King apparently sent him, and Nixon’s book.

John Lennon
John Lennon in 1963 (photo via ArtStack)

But his golden ticket is the picture published in Newsweek showing Lennon signing that autograph for Chapman. Only it’s not Chapman, says Lightfoot. It’s King.

He says Newsweek used a fuzzy photograph in order to hide the fact that it was King and that Chapman was simply a King look alike. He says King was posing as Chapman so he could shoot Lennon, then on his way to the police station after his arrest, he somehow switched places with Chapman. Chapman then confessed to the whole thing and King continued on with his life.

And then Lightfoot somehow ties in Reagan and Nixon to the master plan, citing Nixon’s book The Real War.

But this theory means that not only were Reagan, Nixon, and King in cahoots, but also Newsweek, the arresting police officers, and others in the government had to be in on it. All for what? To kill a peace-loving rock star?

Call me skeptical. But I’d rather be skeptical than lunatic.



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