Everything You Need To Know About The New Bob Dylan Gospel Bootleg Series


Everyone was surprised to see Bob Dylan make a major conversion to Christianity. Not only did he make his spiritual transformation but he also changed up his lyrics, songwriting, and musical mentality.

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Bob Dylan had been touring for the bulk of the year when he rolled into San Diego in November of 1978. Near the end of the show, a fan tossed a small silver cross onto the stage that Dylan picked up and kept. Later, it was seen around his neck.

In December, he debuted two new songs with strong Christian lyrics and even claimed to have been visited by Jesus Christ.

Bob Dylan Accepted Christianity And Changed Music

Bob Dylan | Photo LA Times

Not long after, Dylan participated in a three-month course at the Association of Vineyard Churches. Over the next couple of years, he transformed his music to tent revivals and produced three gospel records.

If the shift wasn’t unusual enough, he basically cut back on singing his old songs as well. The man cast himself as a fire-and-brimstone type of preacher. He shouted the glory of God but also warned about God’s wrath.

It was unusual for one man, but given the fact that is was Bob Dylan, it was also one of the most unexpected twists in rock history. Forty years later and the Bootleg series is now available.

The Bootleg Series Is Now Available For Purchase

Bob Dylan | Photo Trouble No More

In some ways, this major shift now feels like a stop on a longer spiritual journey. The Bob Dylan gospel phase didn’t last long. Ironically, his next phase went into more of a fascination with Frank Sinatra that slowed down his Christian pursuits.

Fans and critics wondered how long the Christian phase would last in his music, but now the songs can be revisited in the form of the Bootleg Series. The CD and DVD collection highlights this unusual point in the 1970s.

The collection consists of 100 previously unreleased studio and live cuts. The songs are spread across nine CDs and the feature-length film is also called Trouble No More. In the movie, Michael Shannon plays a preacher that par with Dylan’s concert.

Have you purchased your copy of Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series?

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