After One Of Their Own Is Killed, Rolling Stones Hire 24-Hour Armed Security


After one of the Rolling Stones’ crew members was murdered, the band hired extra protection.

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones in concert at Estadio Unico in La Plata (photo via REX)

Following the Rolling Stones‘ concert in Estadio Unico in Buenos Aires, Argentina, last year, one of their workers died, which led the band to hire armed security to protect them round the clock, reports Evening Standard.

As the truck carrying money earned from that night’s drink sales was driving to its destination, three cars surrounded it, stopping it cold.

The robbers in those three cars began to open fire.

While the truck driver, Marcelo Rivera, was unharmed, his co-worker, 55-year-old Pedro Luis Tabares, was shot and killed when he tried to escape.

The robbers planned the attack after they heard how much cash was in the back of that truck and when they learned of the truck’s route. Police arrested 31-year-old Jhon Alexander Bobadilla Vega in connection with the murder.

new Rolling Stones albumAn unnamed source told The Mirror that the band had planned for situations like this.

“Of course these things are all considered well in advance of a tour,” the source said. “And massive bands like The Rolling Stones are well aware of the risks posed by these places. So they take no chances.”

Hence, the 24-hour armed security of “military precision” protecting the Stones.

“Wealthy personalities are always potential targets, but the band are kept safe and secure at all times by the best security personnel on the planet,” the source said. “They choose their hotels carefully, travel in separate vehicles which also reduces the risks, and are surrounded by armed security.”

The fact that the Stones have super security 24/7 is actually not too shocking.

Back in 1972, someone actually detonated a bomb underneath their loading ramp. No one was injured in the bombing, but it probably made the Stones think about their safety a little more.


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