A Glimpse Into The All-Time 3 Best U2 Songs


As the 1970’s progressed into the 80’s, U2 became who the world fell in love with.

U2 (photo via West 46th Mag)

Some of U2’s biggest hits came in the mid-to-late 80’s and even some in the early 2000’s. Clearly influenced by classic rock, they created hit after hit. Their songs were hits because they’re great pieces of art.

So to celebrate the great art U2 has made, here are their top three songs ever.

3“Beautiful Day” — All That You Can’t Leave Behind (2000)

The younger audiences will know this song right away and even form their entire opinion of U2 based on it. For true U2 fans, this is a different sound than what’s expected.

“There was a big debate over the guitar sound on ‘Beautiful Day,'” the Edge said. “That was really the sound of U2, the sound we made our own and abandoned. Whether or not we should bring it back became a real talking point.”

The lyrics, however, seem to stay true to Bono’s writing. Like many of his lyrics, the Grammy-winning “Beautiful Day” came from a preacher’s words.

“[Preacher John Smith] talked to me about how depression is a nerve end,” Bono said. “Pain is evidence of life.”

Speaking of being spiritual…

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