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The ‘On Air’ Album That Captures How The Rolling Stones Got Started


The recent Blue & Lonesome album surprised The Rolling Stones with its success. The blues covers album, which was recorded in only three days, reached No. 1 in 15 countries and reinvigorated the band. “I’m looking forward to Volume Two,” joked Keith Richards.

In many ways, The Rolling Stones – On Air is somewhat of a sequel. Since Blue & Lonesome showcases the old music, On Air shows the footage from the early days before the Stones were the Stones.

The recorded BBC radio material came out between 1963 and 1965.

The Rolling Stones Perform Live And Innovate

The Rolling Stones | Photo Fuse

At the time, bands mimed their music for television. But for radio, they actually would give a full recording. Therefore, the sessions on shows like Saturday Club or Top Gear were not meant to broadcast more than one time.

In addition, they were shot quickly, often between other shows for the band so the true essence of the band was captured. These BBC sessions show compelling evidence of a band preparing to make waves in the 60s rock era.

The recording began with the single, “Come On” for Saturday Club. This happened six days before their first national tour of Britain.

“Come On, I Can’t Get Started…”

The Rolling Stones | Photo WordPress

For “Come On,” the song was about 25 seconds longer than the original. The added material came from a nine-note guitar riff solo before Jagger’s harp. The bass is also different, somewhat of a heavy revelation for the song.

It’s possible to describe this version as “rough,” but it’s more experimental than anything else. There was room to improvise and not a need for perfection. In some ways, an early band is more jazz freedom than rock procedural.

The song “It’s All Over Now” actually has a scream on the track, while Richards and Jones battle guitars like a chess game. The collection isn’t chronological (unlike other collections from The Beatles), but it does work as a “Best Of” collection.

For Rolling Stones fans who love hidden gems, the collection is a must. Plus, the version of “2120 South Michigan Avenue” is an instrumental tribute to the blues jams that got the band started in the first place.

Have you heard these early radio sessions from The Rolling Stones?

A Closer Look At Bruce Springsteen One-Man Broadway Show That Began At The White House


The Broadway version of a time-traveling Bruce Springsteen appears to be somewhere between a final bow and a second wind. Either way, according to his manager, Bruce is past the youthful idea of trying to be mainstream forever. Or, is that just another piece of the puzzle that makes up the Boss?

“I’ve never held an honest job in my entire life,” said Bruce Springsteen on stage of the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York. The line actually came halfway through the song “Growin’ Up.” However, this is just another concert, its “Springsteen On Broadway,” the one-man show.

Unlike his hundreds of other performances, the solo performance is intimate. It’s an acoustic autobiography of music and quite possibly the biggest live show of the year (arguably the most expensive). The Broadway stage allows for the Boss to tell his story in a way that he’s never been able to before.

Bruce Springsteen Performs On Broadway

Bruce Springsteen | Photo Credit Uncut

According to Uncut, “Springsteen’s is a story of ambition and self-determination; traits that take him from the clubs along the Jersey shore to legendary residencies at the Bottom Line and Max’s Kansas City, from the Newark Draft Board to Madison Square Garden. And he gets to tell it all in the quiet, contemplative surrounds of the Kerr Theatre.”

What’s perhaps most interesting about the performance is that it’s a reflection of his work now, in hindsight. Some of those songs, opinions, and viewpoints may not still connect with the singer. Ironically, this is often a problem for many creative types as they look back, realizing they were too brash or otherwise.

But, when looking back, it’s also impossible to give yourself any type of advice because it could somehow screw up the trajectory of your career. For the Boss, this meant being hard on himself and hard on those around him. This meant aiming for perfection in the studio.

“I’ve Never Worked Nine To Five” Said The Boss

Bruce Springsteen | Photo Credit Uncut

Bruce Springsteen then added, “I’ve never worked nine to five. I’ve never done any hard labor. And yet it’s all I’ve written about. I thank you very much,” he finally concluded. Despite the fact that he didn’t come from that blue-collar lifestyle, he was still able to connect with those fans and build his empire.

After he delivered that line, the 960-seat auditorium burst into applause and laughter. While he didn’t work on a cable line, dig ditches, or cut down trees, the Boss put in his blue collar time elsewhere. His perfectionism and long hours in the studio are what made the connection work with fans.

In terms of production value, “Springsteen On Broadway” is modest. But, with simplicity comes complexity. Every single item on the bare stage or the minimal background is vital to the performance. In a way, the intimate theatre feels like a basement club from the 1970s.

Moving From Super Personal To Collaborative

Bruce Springsteen | Photo Credit Pitchfork

During the two-hour performance, Springsteen was mostly on stage alone. He’s the writer, the director, the composer, the pit orchestra, and the lead actor. There’s no understudy and there’s no room for error. There’s also no one to blame if anything goes wrong in the performance.

Between songs, the Boss recites various passages from his memoir Born to Run. The songs are strategically chosen, some being five decades old. He’s able to bounce between “The Wish” (about his mother) and then “My Father’s House” (about his father), ending with “My Hometown” (obviously about New Jersey).

The thing that really stands out about the performance if how he effortlessly shifts from deeply personal to widely collective. Honestly, that’s where his music lives, in that connection to individual and group listeners. Songs like “Long Walk Home” and “Dancing in the Dark” touch the soul.

The Music Is Meant To Be Given Away

Bruce Springsteen | Photo Credit Fine Wire

“Springsteen is the rare artist who understands his music belongs as much to us as to him,” wrote Uncut about his performance. His set list moved from “Growin’ Up” to “My Hometown” to “Born in the USA” to “Dancing in the Dark,” until he finally ended with “Land of Hope and Dreams” and then “Born to Run.”

For Broadway, nine months of prep is relatively short in terms of planning. But, Bruce Springsteen has been working on this performance his entire life (many Broadway performances take years from conception to opening night). Ironically, this performance began at the White House.

About a year ago in January 2017, President Obama hosted the New Jersey singer-songwriter at the White House. This happened about three months after Springsteen was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and only two days after the President spoke to the nation for the final time.

Performing In The East Room Of The White House

Bruce Springsteen | Photo Credit Philly

In the East Room, Bruce Springsteen prepared to perform for around 250 people. He sang acoustic versions of his classic songs and told stories that came to his heart. “It was Obama’s way of saying thank you and goodbye to his staff,” said his manager. Ironically, this is when Bruce’s team realized this should be his next show.

The White House set list was expanded heavily for Broadway, but it’s basically the same arc as the Washington performance. Most importantly, the format and the performance stuck with the Boss. He started to discuss logistics with his team about bringing the solo acoustic performance to Broadway and the rest is history.

“We could have done something similar to what had been done in the past with the Devils & Dust and Ghost of Tom Joad acoustic tours,” said his manager. “But this needed to be different.” If nothing else, Broadway was a much smaller arena, so the show had to be focused for a small crowd.

For one thing, there’s a level of calmness that will remain throughout, unlike a massive stage performance and sold-out crowd. Once the show gets going, there’s no getting up. Plus, despite the rock songs, it’s no rock concert.

Have you bought your tickets to see Springsteen on Broadway?

3 Lesser-Known Johnny Cash Albums (And Where To Find Them)


Most people have albums like At Folsom Prison, American Recordings, and perhaps Greatest! from Johnny Cash. But, there are three lesser-known albums from the country rocker that almost no one has. Thanks to the Internet, they can be yours.

Johnny Cash | Photo Credit Amazon

In 1965, Johnny Cash sang about the true west. The album, literally called Johnny Cash sings the ballads of The True West really meant they were story songs. This means talking about grit, dirt, sweat, and cruelty above all else.

This gritty album is now available on Amazon as a CD and vinyl.

Johnny Cash As “John R. Cash” The Album

Johnny Cash | Photo Credit Amazon

In 1975, the man in black released an album he didn’t like, but certain fans loved it. The album, John R. Cash, has the star on the cover of the album in a jean jacket covered in patches from the era.

“There is no ‘boom-chicka-boom’ trademark Cash on this album. But, what you do have is a wonderful collection of songs from some of the times best writers,” wrote Frederick Pugh on Amazon.

Ironically, the album has a ton of 5 stars, no 4 stars, and several 3 stars, but it’s mainly been unheard by most fans.

Johnny 99 (Pre-Bruce Springsteen)

Johnny Cash | Photo Credit Amazon

Finally, there’s Johnny 99. The album looks more John Dillinger than Wild West as Cash has a gangster’s hat and suit on the cover. The 1983 album has songs like “Highway Patrolman,” “God Bless Robert E. Lee,” and “Johnny 99,” which was later covered by icon Bruce Springsteen.

“If you love Johnny Cash, this is for you,” wrote one fan on Amazon. Most fans were not even aware of this album when it came out in the 80s. It came out near the end of his run with Columbia and after he hadn’t had a “hit” in around 7 years.

Then, American Recordings came out and pushed this album back into the shadows. The folk singer, country singer, rock singer came out with this album, which is even less cookie-cutter than his larger, more well known albums.

If that’s not enough, Johnny Cash also used Elvis Presley’s former band to make the songs here.

Have you added any of these Cash albums to your collection yet?

The Unleashed Analysis Of Jack White’s New Song ‘Connected By Love’


The latest Jack White single, “Connected By Love,” is the first hit from his March 2018 album, Boarding House Reach. Since White left The White Stripes, he’s put out Blunderbuss in 2012, Lazaretto in 2014, and an acoustics album. But, something about this first song is different.

“Woman, don’t you know what I’m suffering from?” asked Jack White in the single. “Ease my pain, make it wash on with the rain. Relieve me and put it up on your shelf. Take it away, and give it to somebody else.” The singer-songwriter once again seeks help from a mysterious woman, like his Blues muse, Son House.

But this song is more about all of humanity. In the music video, the entire world is physically in danger, while could be a satire on many things today. It’s unclear if White is trying to be political or green conscious, but it feels more personal. It feels like it’s about mankind as a whole.

Jack White: “We’re Connected By Love”

Connected By Love | Photo Credit Jack White

The five-minute music video starts with a close-up on a young minority, who make or may not be toying with the idea of joining a gang. Before the frame cuts away, we hear the sound of a buzzer. Later in the video, it’s clear that this young man is shaving his head, somewhat Fight Club style, as he prepares for a troubled road.

In the next show, an Asian girl sits next to her grandmother. “Skepticism rises over celestial phenomena after remaining in sight for 30 days,” said the off-camera news story. The story moves on to the next frame, this time in English. “Anytime somebody says there’s an object from space coming close to earth, everyone gets a little uneasy…”

Two young Caucasian brothers eat cereal and finish up their homework. The camera pans in on the boy’s shoulder, but hides his drawing. Through a series of cuts, it’s eventually clear that these boys are drawing the phenomenon. “Government officials still have not declared a state of emergency,” continued the broadcast.

Jack White is in a hotel room, waiting for the world to end. Since his television is no longer working, we assume the phenomenon is closer, closer enough to stop the broadcast. Ironically, when he says “Woman,” there’s a close-up of the Catholic figure, “Our Lady of Grace.”

Pushing Forward As The Sky Starts To Fall

Connected By Love | Photo Credit Jack White

In the story, the young man lives with his grandmother, despite his borderline troubling actions during the day. The young girl works to relieve her grandmother, who is incapable of looking after herself. As for the twin boys, they’re out hunting when they’re not drawing at the kitchen table.

Jack White dives into the chorus immediately. “’Cause I know we’re connected by love. Yes, I know we’re connected, connected, connected by love. Yeah, I wanna be directed by your love. Connected by love,” he sang. Despite the fact that the world is about to end, everyone goes along with their day.

The boys rough house at the dinner table in a playful manner, the young girl still helps her grandmother with physical therapy, and the young man listens to his grandmother. He doesn’t act on impulses like the others, perhaps because his grandmother works at his soul everyday.

As the phenomenon gets closer, it’s clear that White wants to showcase compassion among all of his fellow men and women.

Compassion Is The Only Way To Flourish

Connected By Love | Photo Credit Jack White

It’s unclear if White is speaking to God in his next line, but it’s clear that the next stanza ends with hope. “Friend of mine, you seem to know me best. You chose me out of all of the rest. Take me home with you, and help me forget. Let’s take the worst and somehow turn it into the best.”

After another chorus stanza, White asked, “What have I done?” In the song, he reveals that he has pushed everyone away and wants to be saved from himself. The final grouping appears to end as a love story. In the final hard-heating line, he said, “Yes, I’m infected, I need to be protected by your love.”

Again, it feels like White is just as likely to be talking to God (or a God-like figure) or a woman. Either way, the principles of compassion shine through in the new song. If that’s not enough, this is actually the main point in the new book from Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, The Book of Joy.

“You need other people in order to be human. That’s why when they want to punish you they put you in solitary confinement. Because you can’t flourish without other human beings,” said the duo in the new book.

Life Should Have Beginning, Middle And End…

Connected By Love | Photo Credit Jack White

Throughout the song, the phenomenon gets larger and larger. While it resembles a red moon, the object is likely meant to be an asteroid approaching the planet. Perhaps what’s most interesting about the video is that no matter what is going on, the people in the video remain calm.

When the camera pans back to Our Lady of Grace, it’s dark, like a silhouette. White lights up a cigar/cigarette and briefly opens a Bible. It seems symbolic here, as well, but then again a Bible is one of the only things commonplace to a hotel room. As the figure gets closer, the twins regard a deer kill, and the gangmember decides it’s best to put down the knife.

The camera pans, the young man gets stabbed, and the phenomenon gets closer. “Death, as the Archibishop had reminded us, is inevitable,” it said in The Book of Joy. “It is the way life should be. A beginning. A middle. And an end. It is this cycle that makes life precious and beautiful.”

Musician Jack White finally howled, “(We’re connected) Connected, connected by love…”

Have you pre-ordered your copy of Jack White’s new vinyl yet? The new album will come out on March 23, 2018.

The Top Ten Rock And Roll Movies Of All Time


There are a ton of great rock star movies. There are musicals, rock operas, and fictionalized rock star stories about real and unreal bands. The following list is composed of some of our favorite fictionalized rock and roll stories. These include pirate DJs, cover bands, true stories, and mythical legends.

Movies that are not on this list, but deserve attention include The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night, The Who’s Quadrophenia, Pete Townsend’s Tommy, and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. All of these movies are important, but they’re not traditional movies, because they either star rock stars or play like an extended music video.

1010. Mark Wahlberg Is The Rock Star (6.2/10)

In 2001, Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston teamed up for Rock Star. The movie is different than other coming-of-age stories. Wahlberg’s character Chris “Izzy” Cole wants to be in the band Steel Dragon, rather than start his own band.

Izzy has a 9-to-5 job, but he prefers just to work in his cover band, until he gets kicked out. But, he eventually gets an offer to be the real lead singer of Steel Dragon when the other lead is no longer available. This is basically ever cover band lead singer’s real-life rock star dream.

“Your job is to live the fantasy that other people only dream about.” The movie shows the story of a “wannabe,” who gets to live the ultimate dream. This involves buying the Batmobile and rocking every city in the country. Marky Mark also got to do a little rap in the film like the ol’ days.

Watch Famous Korean Artists Sing ‘Imagine’ At The 2018 Olympics


Four major Korean artists united to cover John Lennon song “Imagine” at the 2018 Winter Olympics ceremony in Pyeongchang. Ha Hyun-woo from the rock band Guckkasten, Ahn Ji-young from K-pop duo Bolbbalgan4, Deulgukhwa singer Jeon In-Kwon, and solo performer Lee Eun-mi each sang verses of the hit 1971 song.

Based on the circumstances of the Winter Olympics, the song resonated with those in South Korea and North Korea. Both sides are competing under the same flag, despite the many political issues in the areas.

The official video was blocked by Thai Broadcasting Entertainment but there are other versions available from attendees.

Olympic Singers Reinvigorate John Lennon Hit

The Pyoeongchang Olympics have been a compromise for various nations, similar to the Olympics during World War II. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong attended the big event and even invited South Korean President Moon Jai-In.

This meeting between the two leaders would mark the first Korean summit in over ten years. But Vice President Pence, who is part of the US Winter Olympic though the gesture wasn’t a poor decision.

“We will not allow North Korean propaganda to hijack the message and imagery of the Olympic Games,” said Pence.

John Lennon Sings About His Perfect World

Despite the ongoing political struggle, John Lennon words shined through to showcase an artist message. “Imagine there’s no countries / It isn’t hard to do / Nothing to kill or die for / And no religion too / Imagine all the people living life in peace, you,” wrote the former Beatle.

Essentially, the anti-war song wants events like the Olympics to be an ongoing olive branch. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one,” he famously wrote about his idealistic world.

If nothing else, at least nations can come together every four years and unite to compete with respect and honor. These four artists still agree with Lennon’s message of less competition, no wars, no materialism, and more love.

“I hope some day you’ll join us,” they sang, “and the world will be as one.”

What did you think of this John Lennon song at the Olympics?

Johnny Cash’s Son Chose These Artists To Sing On New ‘Forever Words’ Album


With the success of The New Basement Tapes (Bob Dylan), there are going to be more collaborative albums. In the latest union, artists like Chris Cornell and Willie Nelson sing Johnny Cash songs.

In Johnny Cash: Forever Words, an album is being built based on Cash’s unknown poetry, letters, and lyrics. The writing will be added to music and other contributors include Elvis Costello, Rosanne Cash, and John Mellencamp.

The album was produced by Johnny and June’s son, John Carter Cash.

Johnny Cash Gets Tribute Album Produced By Son

Johnny Cash | Photo Credit Amazon

According to Rolling Stone:

“Their son described in a statement as a ‘monstrous amassment’ of Johnny Cash’s handwritten letters, poems and documents that were uncovered following the deaths of his parents. From love letters (“To June This Morning”) to Cash’s final poem (“Forever/I Still Miss Someone”), the words were written across the span of Johnny Cash’s lifetime…”

Most of the songs were recorded at the Cash Cabin studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee over the past 24 months. The producers invited T Bone Burnett, Kacey Musgraves, Brad Paisley, Carlene Carter, and Kris Kristofferson to attend also.

The artists had to figure out which song his them the hardest.

Artists Unite To Bring Life To “Forever Words”

Johnny Cash | Photo Credit Amazon

“Determining the artist for each song was truly a matter of the heart,” John Carter Cash. “I picked the artists who are most connected with my father. [Those] who had a personal story that was connected with Dad.”

Cash added, “It became an exciting endeavor to go through these works, to put them together.” He wanted to “present them to different people who could finish them.”

As listed, Chris Cornell sings “You Never Knew My Mind.” Country star Allison Krauss and Union Station sing “The Captain’s Daughter.” Then, Elvis Costello is on “I’ll Still Love You,” among other collaborations.

This is also how the New Basement Tapes were built. Basically, Dylan wrote all of the lyrics for the album, but other performers chose which songs hit them the most. Rhiannon Giddens grabbed “Spanish Mary” while Marcus Mumford chose “Kansas City,” for example.

So, have you pre-ordered your copy of this new Johnny Cash-inspired album?

The 9 Celebrities You Had No Idea Were Rock Stars


There are actors who are also musicians (Jack Black/Jeremy Renner) and then there are musicians who are also actors (Jared Leto/Mark Wahlberg). Then there are celebrities that no one had any idea were weekend rock stars.

Sometimes an actor will get to sing in a film, like Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You, Zooey Deschanel in Elf, or Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future. Then there are actors who simply love music.

Here’s our list of weekend rock stars in Hollywood.

Hugh Laurie Plays Piano When He’s Not House

Hugh Laurie | Photo Credit InStyle

English actor Hugh Laurie studied at Cambridge before he got into acting professionally. He’s most known for his 8-year stint on House, but he’s also been in films like Tomorrowland, Stuart Little, and Flight of the Phoenix.

When Laurie isn’t treating patients on House, he’s working on his chops at the piano. The actor actually has several albums that have high praise. A few examples include, Let Them Talk, Didn’t It Rain, and Hoggin All The Covers.

Rock Star, Actor, Musician: Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling | Photo Credit InStyle

When he’s not dancing in La La Land or fighting in Drive, actor Ryan Gosling rocks out with his band, Dead Man’s Band. Basically, it’s just Gosling and his friend Zach Shields. Gosling also showcased his ukulele in the film, Blue Valentine, where he also sang.

So far the band has two singles. “In The Room Where You Sleep” is pretty unnerving, but the song “Name in Stone” is pretty solid. It’s hard to picture Gosling’s soft-spoken voice as he sings in more of a deep, dark tone.

Bruce Willis Loves The Harmonica

Bruce Willis | Photo Credit InStyle

Actor Bruce Willis is perhaps the most surprising closet rock star. The actor is best known for his super successful Die Hard franchise, but he’s also been in films like Pulp Fiction, Moonlighting, and The Sixth Sense (plus over 100 more).

Fans don’t typically think of the harmonica when they think of John McClane. When he’s not killing bad guys, he’s a singer and harmonica player. In fact, his album The Return of Bruno is still available online.

One fan commented on the album: “Wish I had gotten this one back in the 80’s instead of waiting more than 25 years. Good collection of songs.” Another wrote, “He’s a better actor than singer.”

Russell Crowe Rocks Out With The Guitar

Russell Crowe | Photo Credit InStyle

Thanks to his role of Javert in Les Misérables, a few fans already know that Russell Crowe can perform. But, he’s still best known for his acting work on films like Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, and L.A. Confidential.

But when the Australian isn’t battling in an arena, he works on his music. The actor sings and plays guitar for an Australian rock band called 30 Odd Foot of Grunts (recently changed to Russell Crowe and the Ordinary Fear of God).

Russell Crowe’s bandmate said, “Russell is the most thoughtful writer I’ve ever worked with. No one considers and ponders a lyric, a character, or a context like him. The whole experience has changed what I expect of myself as a lyricist.”

Johnny Depp, Pirates, And Rock Stars

Johnny Depp | Photo Credit InStyle

After actor Johnny Depp partnered with director Tim Burton, he started taking on quite unusual roles. His best performances still include Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

But Depp is also quite the guitarist. He spends his off-time jamming out with his band mates Alice Cooper and musicians formerly with Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses. Depp is also in the HBO documentary The New Basement Tapes.

Bill Burr, Comedian, And Drummer: Rock Star

Bill Burr | Photo Credit Comedy Jam

Comedian Bill Burr is best known for his stand-up and podcast, but he’s also a drummer and occasional actor. Currently, he’s got a show on Netflix called F is For Family and he’s been on the iconic series, Breaking Bad.

When Burr isn’t acting, writing, or performing, he spends his time drumming. For the comedian, the drumming basically gives him a break and helps him clear his mind. Surprisingly, he also spends some of his time flying helicopters as well.

In fact, before he performed at Madison Square Garden as a comedian, he got friends to join him on stage to perform Motley Crue songs. The practice performance made him more comfortable for the paid gig.

Jason Schwartzman, The Actor Behind Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet | Photo Credit Getty

Before actor Jason Schwartzman partnered with Wes Anderson, he was a drummer for Phantom Planet. The band toured from 1994 until 2003, but their major hit “California” rose to the top as the soundtrack for the series, The O.C.

Schwartzman and Anderson have worked on movies like Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. But, he’s also worked on two HBO series with Jonathan Ames called Blunt Talk and Bored to Death.

Johnny Galecki Partners With Randy Houser

Johnny Galecki Partners With Randy Houser

Somehow, The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki found the time to partner with Randy Houser between shoots. Despite being on a major CBS sitcom and producing two other shows, there’s always time to be a rock star on the weekends.

“Johnny has become one of my dear friends and a lot of times when he gets through taping he’ll just jump on the bus and go ride with me for a few days,” Randy Houser told Taste of Country.

Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon, The Rock Star

Bacon Brothers | Bacon Bros. Website

Every now and then, actor Kevin Bacon will perform with the Bacon Brothers on the East Coast. The duo are actually performing in New York in February and March of 2018 at the Towne Crier Café and The Beacon Theatre.

When he’s not half of the Bacon brothers, actor Kevin Bacon works on films like Hollow Man, The Woodsman, Sleepers, and Mystic River. But, Bacon’s main role will always be remembered as Ren in Footloose.

Did you know all of these actors were actually weekend rock stars?

Why The Day The Beatles Met Bob Dylan Is The Most Important Date In Rock History


According to author Chuck Klosterman, the most important date in rock history is August 28, 1964. On that historic date, Bob Dylan met with the Beatles in New York’s Delmonico Hotel. Dylan changed history by getting the Beatles high.

“A lot of people may want to disagree with this assertion,” wrote Klosterman. “But the artistic evidence is hard to ignore: The introduction of marijuana altered the trajectory of the Beatles’ songwriting, reconstructed their consciousness, and prompted them to make the most influential rock albums of all time. ”

In 1964, the Beatles started taking more serious drugs, which enhanced their musical performances for the rest of their careers.

The Day Bob Dylan Met The Beatles

Bob Dylan | Photo Billboard

Ironically, no matter how you look at this, it sounds bad. But Klosterman compares marijuana (and whatever else) to “performance-enhancing drugs.” While frowned upon in sports, enhancements are favorable in rock music, especially in the 1960s.

“No one views Rubber Soul or Revolver as ‘less authentic’ than the band’s earlier albums, despite the fact that they would not (and probably could not) have been made by people who weren’t on drugs,” wrote the author.

The author is known for writing about sports and music. In this one article, he managed to do both.

The Double Standard For Musicians

The Beatles | Photo Billboard

For whatever societal reason, we want for our athletes to be purists but we don’t really mind our musicians (and other creatives) doing whatever it takes to make music. It’s unclear exactly how this got started but it’s likely to do with kids.

Children play sports and play music at an early age, but it’s more clear that they’ll eventually hit a wall. At some point, the growth spurt will stop or the kid won’t be able to hit the curve but music is usually just associated with more and more practice.

Strength is viewed as maximum effort, plus some genes. With music, it’s more of an emotional feeling. Plus, the stereotype is that parents want their kids to one day perform in an orchestra, not a rock bad.

The kids that perform in rock bands are already doing whatever they want to do. Finally, Klosterman’s final point is not that drugs made the Beatles genius but that athletes get an asterisk next to their names for the same advantage.

What do you think of Klosterman’s interpretation of that historic date in rock?

HBO To Release Brand New Elvis Presley Documentary


HBO’s next major documentary is going to be Elvis Presley: The Searcher. According to Rolling Stone, the new project will also have a soundtrack available on April 6 from RCA/Legacy Recordings.

Not only will the soundtrack featuring a mixture of Elvis hits and alternative mixes, there will also be a deluxe edition that will feature selections from the documentary’s score. The score comes from Pearl Jam’s guitarist Mike McCready.

The soundtrack will be available for download as well as CD and double vinyl LP.

New Elvis Doc Highlights The King’s Many Muses

Elvis Set | Photo Credit Amazon

According to the Amazon description, “The new multi-part documentary Elvis Presley: The Searcher, directed by Thom Zimny and airing on HBO on April 14, pushes past the larger-than-life image of The King of Rock and Roll, portraying him instead as a man and an artist ‘who wanted to heal, to find that thing that was always felt to be missing, and to do it through the music.’”

The three-CD deluxe box set has an expanded 55-track collection of Elvis hits. Some examples include “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” “That’s All Right,” “Tomorrow Is A Long Time,” and “Trouble/Guitar Man.”

There are also rare outtakes like songs “Suspicious Minds” and “Separate Ways.”

Special Edition Book Comes With Album

Elvis Set | Photo Credit Amazon

Beyond Elvis hits, there are also other renditions of classic songs. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ sing “Wooden Heart” in an R&B style, plus there are country and gospel songs that once inspired the King.

As if the album isn’t enough, there’s also a 40-page hardcover book full of rare photographs, liner notes from Warren Zanes, and even a dedication from the documentary’s director, Thom Zimny (known for Bruce Springsteen concerts).

Zimny told Rolling Stone, “From day one I had a soundtrack in mind; one that would cover Elvis in a new way and go deep into the vault. Thanks to the help of Sony Legacy and the efforts of Ernst Jorgensen, I was able to pore over thousands of recordings and Elvis Presley outtakes.”

The director also made sure to pay tribute to those who influenced the artist. This, he could incorporate their music to the sonic landscape that made Elvis the King.

Have you pre-ordered your copy of The Searcher soundtrack?